Senckenberg Museum Media Stations & Learning Game
The Geobiodiversity Exhibition at the renown Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main presented a selection of 1,138 geological and biological objects in a breathtaking gigantic wall display cabinet.
MESO was tasked with enhancing the Exhibition with multi-narrative media stations and hired us to develop ux-concept and interface design for two info-stations in front of the wall and a game on a large media table.
The information-stations enabled the visitors to access a multitude of information for each of the objects in a way that is efficient in terms of information design, but also modest enough to not draw attention away from the main attraction of the exhibition: the physical objects themselves.
The left screen of the station was used to display very close shots of the exhibits in order to a) create a perspective that complements the experience of the physical objects in the cabinet and b) not give too much away so the visitor is invited to explore and experience the real objects.
Learning Game
The game-station complemented the experience by inviting the visitors to take on the roles of explorers - flying quadrocopters over different habitats and fulfilling tasks to test their knowledge.
The game design process together with Johannes Lemke at MESO (Programming) allowed us to try out a variety of visual approaches, especially regarding the representations of the different habitats.
Roles Concept
Studio MESO Design
Sebastian Oschatz
Johannes Lemke
Client Senckenberg Museum
Director Documentary Tim Bollinger